VOTE: David Shrigley vs Joan Cornellà — Exhibition in Singapore


VOTE: David Shrigley vs Joan Cornellà
Exhibition in Singapore

Supported by DDT Store

First VOTE physical exhibition in the world; first digital showcase; first sculptural release;
VOTE is here in the flesh with its virgin touchdown in Singapore!

Singapore, June 2022 — From 12th to 20th June, Singapore – for the first time ever – will bear witness to a colossal clash of titans from within the art world that is to be hosted by Void Deck through the foundational initiative of the eCommerce platform, DDT Store. Across the span of over a year, the dark-humour throwdown between British artist, David Shrigley, and Spanish satirist, Joan Cornellà, has transpired as the latest ground-breaking racket entitled VOTE. This bilateral immersion of artistic input resulted in a set consisting of 8 silkscreen prints which embodies the satirical and cynical sense of dark humour shared by both artists. In addition, never-before-seen digital artworks born out of their collaboration will pose as a revelation unique to Void Deck.

VOTE — Exhibition Poster

As the acting comic relief of the humdrums most have come to be acquainted with their web comics and one-liners, the incisive nature of the duo’s works set against the local backdrop of an often fast-paced and repetitive lifestyle becomes even more pronounced yet necessary, ultimately generating subtle visual cues that challenge the sacrality of social norms. Perhaps, then, life itself is more than a nine-to-five, or that it is time to move on from your toxic past to properly fix yourself. VOTE serves as ultimate spur for new-age opinion leaders, celebrity artists, and the general public to meld into conversations built on the overarching theme conveying broader perspectives while pushing for a narrative where liberal philosophies are able to coexist within culturalism; its presence on the walls will remain as that stark daily reminder.

VOTE — Prints — 1

Of course, where Void Deck is concerned, the formalities of an art show shall take a backseat to the fun and entertainment the host can dish up. Expect a slew of activities complementing the exhibition theme to take place and keep your eyes peeled for a surprise visitor! As a commemoration for its inaugural entry into the fray of the local art market, Void Deck will also be unveiling exclusive sculptural works available for purchase only through the brand’s physical and online platforms. Since the visuals and concept of these works co-created by the dream team are only to be revealed on the opening day, it is anyone’s guess as to what it could be — a mystery is, indeed, afoot!

VOTE — Prints — 2

After the vernissage happening on 10th and 11th June, grab your funny bone from 12th June onwards and head on down for a comical display of witty humour coupled with iconic illustrations by both Shrigley and Cornellà — a revolutionary art show of pin-up (on walls) comedy not to be missed!

425 Race Course Road

10th – 11th June (Vernissage)
12th June – 20th June (Open to the Public)

About David Shrigley:

Photograph of David Shrigley

David Shrigley OBE (995k IG followers) was born in 1968 and grew up in Leicester, UK. He studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1988 to 1991 and now lives in Branscombe and Brighton. His work encompasses media including drawing, painting, sculpture, animation, performance, and music, of which have been exhibited in many different countries. Shrigley’s drawings have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines, and he has authored over 30 graphic books. In 2012 he had a retrospective exhibition at Hayward Gallery in London. In 2013 he was both shortlisted for the Turner Prize and awarded the 2016 Fourth Plinth commission for Trafalgar Square. He was awarded OBE, an official British honour presented by the Queen, for his contribution to the Visual Arts sector in 2020.

About Joan Cornellà:

Photograph of Joan Cornellà

Over the last decade, Joan Cornellà (3.3m IG follwers) skyrocketed to internet fame with absurd and disturbing cartoons outlining the anxious, disconnected nature of contemporary life. The Spanish-born artist originally worked as an illustrator for a number of Spanish publications and contributed to the New York Times, reserving his darkest works for his Instagram and Twitter feeds. Though much of Cornellà’s cachet derives from fans’ social media shares, the artist has also exhibited at shows in New York and Hong Kong with his works fetching up to US$45,000 on the secondary market. Cornellà views the contrast between his cheery comic-book colour palette and the deadpan violence that befalls his characters as instructive. He believes that misery laughed at may serve as an enlightenment in the examination of that humour.

About Void Deck:

Void Deck strays from a traditional art dealership and centres its pop-up exhibitions around art that transcends the worlds of fine arts and popular culture to create departure points for conversations to take place. This move resounds with the space’s ongoing mission to make art, be it limited-edition prints or highly-sought-after collectibles, more inclusive and affordable for anyone and everyone while debunking the myth that art is meant only for the wealthy. Ultimately, the works shown in the space boils down to three words — “authentic”, “fun”, and “cool”, and they still set accessible departure points for the heady conversations to unravel themselves among the like-minded community built within and around its walls. Besides on-site exhibitions, Void Deck further pools in on its offerings by working alongside outdoor venues and real estate companies with the intention to integrate simultaneous exhibitions, permanent or otherwise, in multiple other cities, countries, and also in the metaverse, which will come to fruition in due time. The Singapore venue is the founding premise within an upcoming network of physical spaces.

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