Collection: David Shrigley vs Joan Cornellà — VOTE

Across the span of over a year, the dark-humour throwdown between British artist, David Shrigley, and Spanish satirist, Joan Cornellà, has transpired as the latest ground-breaking racket entitled VOTE. This bilateral immersion of artistic input has resulted in, artworks and collectibles, which embody the satirical and cynical sense of dark humour shared by both artists.

As the acting comic relief of the humdrums most have come to be acquainted with their web comics and one-liners, the incisive nature of the duo’s works set against the local backdrop of an often fast-paced and repetitive lifestyle becomes even more pronounced yet necessary, ultimately generating subtle visual cues that challenge the sacrality of social norms. Perhaps, then, life itself is more than a nine-to-five, or that it is time to move on from your toxic past to properly fix yourself.

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