Raffle for ACU Red God of Wealth BE@RBRICKs

Prosperity Print (Limited Edition Run of 88) by Jahan Loh
ACU Red God of Wealth 1000% BE@RBRICK

Before the participation deadline of the raffle, for every Prosperity print purchased through Void Deck’s web store, the buyer would automatically be entered into two raffles for chances to win prizes. The two raffles are titled “Raffle for ACU Red God of Wealth 1000% BE@RBRICK” and “Raffle for ACU Red God Of Wealth 400%+100% BE@RBRICK”.

The more prints bought, the higher the chances to win one of the prizes. And the prizes are specifically, opportunities to buy these BE@RBRICKs from Void Deck at stated retail prices.

Open-edition prints are available at a very accessible SGD 188.00 (stretched and framed) and the limited-edition prints (run of 88) will be on offer at SGD 388.00 (stretched but unframed). The run of the open-edition prints is of a moderate quantity and will only be available while stocks last. The limited-edition prints are of a premium-grade print and come stretched without a frame.

Entrants to Raffle for ACU Red God Of Wealth 400%+100% BE@RBRICK have the opportunity to win more than once. However, entrants can only win once in Raffle for ACU Red God of Wealth 1000% BE@RBRICK.

Should a winner forfeit the opportunity to purchase the respective product, a follow-up draw will be conducted to replace the prior winner. Such a process would repeat until all opportunities to purchase are taken up.

The raffle will close on January 15, 2022, at 12:00pm, Singapore time. Winners will be notified on January 16, 2022, with accompanying details on how to complete the purchase of respective BE@RBRICKs.