ACU Red God Of Wealth 400%+100% BE@RBRICK

ACU Red God Of Wealth 400%+100% BE@RBRICK

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Only Available Through a Raffle

Before the participation deadline of the raffle, for every Prosperity print purchased through the Void Deck’s web store, the buyer would automatically be entered into two raffles for a chance to win a prize. The two raffles are titled “Raffle for ACU Red God of Wealth 1000% BE@RBRICK” and “Raffle for ACU Red God Of Wealth 400%+100% BE@RBRICK”.

The more prints bought, the higher the chances to win one of the prizes. And the prizes are specifically, opportunities to buy these BE@RBRICKs from Void Deck at stated retail prices.

Open-edition prints are available at a very accessible SGD 188.00 (stretched and framed) and the limited-edition prints (run of 88) will be on offer at SGD 388.00 (stretched but unframed). The run of the open-edition prints is of a moderate quantity and will only be available while stocks last. The limited-edition prints are of a premium-grade print and come stretched without a frame.

Entrants to the Raffle for ACU Red God Of Wealth 400%+100% BE@RBRICK have the opportunity to win more than once. However, entrants can only win once in the Raffle for ACU Red God of Wealth 1000% BE@RBRICK.

Should a winner forfeit the opportunity to purchase the respective product, a follow-up draw will be conducted to replace the prior winner. Such a process would repeat until all opportunities to purchase are taken up.

Closing Date and Time: January 15, 2022, at 12:00 pm, Singapore time.
Notification Date: January 16, 2022.

The email notification would include information on how to complete the purchase of the respective BE@RBRICKs.

For 2021, or the Year of the Ox, ACU and Jahan have once again joined with Medicom Toys to release a red version of their previous iteration of the Gold version God of Fortune BE@RBRICK.

This time, the red-based BE@RBRICK is accented with Jahan Loh’s signature camouflage along with a Chinese wild-style lettering of a traditional proverb “招財進寶” which loosely translates to “Bring in Wealth and Treasure” is a common saying in the Chinese community during the Lunar New Year, this character is a combination of the four Chinese characters. On the back graphic, it has been updated to reflect the year 2021 in traditional Chinese characters.


2021年是农历牛年,ACU和艺术家罗杰瀚先生,与Medicom 玩具公司二度合作,共同发布了“招财进宝”系列红色财神爷,它的创作是在先前推出的“招财进宝系列金色财神爷的基础上,在色彩方面又一次突破,寓意“红红火火”。 


More Information on the Raffle